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Walking with Wheelie Cyprus.

At Wheelie Cyprus we aim to show you some of the best walking in Cyprus. This is an amazing island full of contrast and culture and ideal for walking and rambling. In addition Cyprus has a superb climate with sunshine almost every day of the year. July and August can be just a bit too hot to really enjoy a long walk and January can be a little too wet. Outside these months Cyprus is just perfect for outdoor exercise be it walking or cycling.

Cyprus may not instantly strike you as being a walker's destination. Many of us, before we visit the island, have an image of a hot, dry and sometimes barren island, famed mostly for its busy coastal towns, sun-drenched beaches, comfortable accommodation and plenty of nightlife.

you could be in an alpine location!
Yes this is Cyprus.

Whilst some of this is true, there is another side to Cyprus. Inland and away from the main tourist destinations are beautiful pine covered hills and mountains. In the hills you will find sleepy villages, some now abandoned, churches, monasteries, wineries and archaeological remains from the many cultures that have over time occupied the island. Around the older hill villages you will find fields of vines and olive groves. On the more fertile coastal lands are acres of orange and lemon groves and the occasional banana plantation.

During the height of summer Cyprus is definitely hot and dry but in the spring and autumn it is as green as the English West Country. There are believed to be more than 1800 indigenous wild plants on the island including apparently 40 species of orchid. The spring sees the island burst into a kaleidoscope of colour as the wild flowers and shrubs bask in the cool winter sun seemingly competing for a beauty prize.

I think they are on something
I think they are on something.

Cyprus still has many miles of unsurfaced gravel roads and tracks, mainly used by farmers and forestors but ideal for walking. In addition, the Cyprus government has recognised that walkers represent a potentially large tourist market and have created, and are continuing to create, networks of "Nature Trails" all around the island specifically designed for the walker, and covering hundreds of kilometres. These trails are generally narrow, quiet, remote, well waymarked routes; some having informative interpretation boards on route. They are quite simply a pleasure to walk.

Have a look at our Dates and Prices page for more information on our group walking holidays. If you are not really into group holidays but like the idea of walking in Cyprus on your own, or with family and friends, you may like to consider our Self-Guided holiday option. With this option we give you a simple to use GPS and some route notes and you are free to walk at your own time and pace. See our Self-Guided page for more details.