Guided and Self-Guided
Mountain Biking and Walking Holidays
in Cyprus


Basic kit for your ride.

So you are off mountain biking in Cyprus, getting away from the tourist meccas on the coast and heading for the hills and mountains. Whilst it is a great adventure there are one or two bits of kit that you should take with you. If you are a regular mountain biker you will be familiar with these items but read on anyway.

You have your bike, hopefully hired from us.

Take a map or GPS. The available tourist maps in Cyprus are basic but they are still essential. Pop into the local Tourist Information Office and grab the relevant maps from them. They are free.

The most likely setback to your riding here will be a puncture. So take a spare inner tube - or two - and in case it gets really bad a puncture repair kit. Punctures can be a real issue here and so a sealant in your inner tube - a bit of unpaid for advertising here - such as "Slime" is a good idea.

If you have the inner tubes then you are going to need some tyre levers to get the tyre off the wheel rim. And once you've got that new inner tube snuggly fitted you are going to need a pump to get the air back in it.

Just occasionally something can work loose on a bike. You will need a mini tool to fix it. Chain tools are also a good idea but if you look after your chain then it is rare to need one.

Whilst it is important to have all the gear to make sure the bike keeps rolling along you also need to look after yourself.

In our view a helmet and gloves are the minimum of safety gear that you should wear at all times.

A small first aid kit is a good idea with antiseptic spray or cream, plasters - large ones - and a bandage.

Sun cream is a must, you will get burnt out here.

If you are asthmatic don't forget your inhaler.

If you have or suffer from any allergies, (pollen, bee/wasp stings or other allergy related to the outdoors) please take your EpiPen and or anti histamine tablets and creams.

Water. You need to drink loads in the heat so carry as much water as you can. Hydration packs are an excellent idea and worth investing in anyway. if you are unfamiliar with these packs, they are basically a backpack which has space for a flexible water container (the bladder). The Bladder has a flexible tube coming out of it with a drinking valve on the free end. You bite the valve and suck and water is released. You don't even have to stop riding, just grab that valve and suck. Simple.

On the topic of packs, if you don't have a hydration pack then you will need a small backpack to carry all this clobber with you. It is better to have a pack with chest straps to stop the pack bouncing around as you bomb down the rough tracks.

Mobile phone. The service in Cyprus is excellent and if you have a real problem you will need help. The emergency service number from a mobile is 112. Keep our number handy also if you are riding on the Akamas or in the Polis/Latchi area of Cyprus. If you get stuck we may be able to help.

Clothing. This will depend on the time of year. Water proofs in the wetter months plus spare warm clothing. In the summer it is always advisable to take an extra top with you, a wind shell is a good idea.

So to recap.

Map and/or GPS
Inner tubes
Tyre levers
Tyre sealant
Mini tool with chain tool
Protection - helmet and gloves
Medical kit (including inhalers and EpiPen where necessary)
Sun Cream
Water - as much as possible
Backpack or hydration pack
Mobile phone
Extra clothing

Have a nice day and enjoy your ride.