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Happy 2020

So, another decade begins. I have a sense that this may be a decade of considerable change for the human race. Several challenges face us, global warming, aging populations and the costs associated with them, growing dissatisfaction amongst the young and the problems of migration from problem areas. Challenging times.

In the short term let us at Wheelie Cyprus wish you a healthy, happy and active New Year.

Cyprus, like so many other places, last year experienced some extremes of weather including rain in June on the coast, rarely experienced here, and torrential and damaging rain before and after Christmas. Generally speaking though, Cyprus remains an excellent destination for a safe holiday and, is a country well-resourced to provide outstanding outdoor sporting and recreational activities all year round. Despite our recent heavy rains, the climate here is considerably milder than the rest of Europe and that makes it a great place for training or recreation off season.

Alistair 2nd January 2020

Changing times.

IN our 15 years in Cyprus we have seen cosiderable change in almost every aspect of life. We have better roads, more organised government offices, a greater selection of services and shops.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, that's five in a row. Certificate of Excellence 2019

We are so grateful to all those clients who have taken the time to give us Trip Advisor reviews. Your comments are invaluable to us. 01/06/2019

And then it was Hot!!

After the wettest winter on record in Cyprus the island is now basking in sunshine - it's quite hot.

Whilst the winter has been wet, it was generally not as cold as previous winters. A noticeable change over the winter season was the number of road cyclists. Cyprus is definitely catching on as a winter training destination and why not? We have the mildest winter in Europe, and some really good - and quiet - roads to train on. Our own business has changed and now road hires nearly match mountain bike hire

Hope to see you here soon either on a road or MTB bike, either way you will have a blast.

Alistair 28/05/2019

New laws relating to cycling came into force in Cyprus on 1st November 2018 largely aimed at making cycling safer.

The laws stipulate the obligations and requirements of the cyclist and the obligations of motorists to cyclists. The main provisions for cyclists are where bicycles can be ridden, what equipment the cyclist must have on his/her bike and what actions the cyclist must make to comply with road regulations. Briefly then:-

Bicycles are permitted to use roads under this law but are banned from motorways or expressways. Part III of the new law requires that any bicycle using the road in Cyprus is fitted with minimum equipment as follows:-

  • a) A front brake and a back brake both in working order.
  • b) Between dusk and dawn - i.e. when its dark - a white or yellow light on the front of the bike which is visible from not less than one hundred and fifty (150) meters (a head or helmet lamp is also OK).
  • c) Between dusk and dawn a red light on the back of the bike visible from not less than one hundred and fifty (150) meters plus a reflector.
  • d) Reflectors that are visible on both sides of the bike.
  • e) A Bell producing a sound that can be heard at a reasonable distance.
  • f) Tyres must be in good condition.
  • The obligations of the cyclist are very much the general obligations of any road user. Follow the normal road regulations - stop at traffic lights and road junctions, indicate by hand signal any intended direction changes, don't ride on pavements or walkways, be considerate of other road users. Oh! Normal alcohol and drugs restrictions apply. Don't drink and ride.

    Alistair 02/11/2018

    Where have I been?

    So, I've not written anything in a while which is not good. I feel suitably embarrassed.

    So, what is new? It's been a very hot and extended summer which surprisingly has not stopped the keen cyclists. We've been busy. Thank you to all our clients for using us and especially to the many of you who return to us year-on-year. We very much appreciate you.

    The main and notable change for us here has been the shift to Road Riding, especially our British clients. I guess with the success of the Sky Team producing 3 British Tour de France winners and other brits doing well in other events it is not that surprising. I think also the secret is getting out that Cyprus - and particularly our corner of the island - is fantastic for road cycling. We have some seriously good tarmac roads which head up into the mountains developing into alpine style roads that would grace any grand tour. In addition, and most importantly the roads are quiet - sometimes eerily so - you often have the road to yourself. Gradients are good; hills normally maxing on average around 9% but with some cheeky testing bits in excess of 15%

    Mountain biking is still popular and why not. If you love exploring, then an MTB is the best way to do that. We have hundreds of kilometres of tracks and trails some passing through abandoned villages. I think Aphrodite must have been a cyclist because her island is a land made for Cycling.

    Alistair 5th October 2018

    Happy New Year 2017

    As another year closes it is both a time for reflection and forward looking. Today I found myself reflecting on the amazing people that we have met over our 13 years running Wheelie Cyprus here in Cyprus.

    Cyclists come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. They have though one thing in common and that's their love of cycling. It makes them - us - something of a family. One of our more inspirational clients is a Norwegian gentleman who joined us on a cycling trip some years ago but who was loathe to tell us his age in case we refused to let him join us. Our view is that age is no barrier to cycling. The only barriers are poor health or injury OR, apathy and lack of motivation. Our friend was at the time in his late 70's, fit as the proverbial "butchers dog" and was generally quicker than a lot of the youngsters on that trip. He has returned to Cyprus on numerous occasions and has ridden with us. I asked him one day what his secret was for longevity in cycling. His reply was very simple. "JUST KEEP DOING IT".

    At the other end of the scale we have had people riding with us who were trying to get fit and had chosen cycling as a means of achieving that. To see their dedication, commitment and shear effort was and is so rewarding to us. One of the best feelings for us is to see the smile on our clients faces when they finish a ride and realise what they have achieved. The only barrier is negativity, anything is possible with training and effort.

    Looking forward to the future I find myself confident and filled with enthusiasm for the position of Cyprus as a cycling destination. It has it all; good roads and lots of climbing for the roadies and gnarly trails for the mountain bikers. For both disciplines there is fantastic scenery, fascinating villages and truly friendly and hospitable locals. If I have a wish for cycling in Cyprus it has to be more single track for the mountain bikers. That will come as more and more locals discover the joys of the MTB.

    Alistair Smeaton 1st January 2017

    My I've been lazy!

    Is it really so long since I last updated our news page? No excuses - very lazy - but it has been an exceptionally busy summer for us.

    We've seen something of a shift in the demand that we have for bikes. Until a couple of years ago it was all mountain bikes. Now - certainly as far as the British market goes - there is a strong demand for Road/Race Bikes. I'm never sure what they are actually called; the name seems interchangeable. The reality is that until a few years ago I would have discouraged people from bringing road bikes to the Polis area - the roads were just not good enough. That has changed in recent years and we now have some brilliant roads. If you like to climb - which most roadies seem to enjoy - then this is an area for you. In a 60kilometre route you can expect to get in a 1000metres of climbing - more if you want it. We have some excellent mountain style roads winding through gorgeous countryside and on which you will see very few cars. Peace, solitude and fresh warm air. Lovely.

    Mountain biking is still the favoured option for mainland Europeans and ex-pats living in the middle east.

    So it has been a long hot summer. We've not seen any substantial rain for months and the temperatures have been high. There is a coolness in the air now though and the season is changing. After the heat of summer now is the time in Cyprus when we can concentrate on some serious biking in the mild winter climate.

    If you are thinking of biking somewhere other than Cyprus - shame on you - here is a useful webite. Go 4 Bike. is a website dedicated to helping you find hire bikes almost anywhere in the world. Take a look, it is an interesting site and a good place to leave reviews if you've had a good - or bad - experience of bike hire. Take a look at a recent review one of our clients kindly left for us. Go 4 Bike - Wheelie Cyprus review.

    Alistair 25th October 2016

    Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2016

    We have done it for a second year in a row. Thank you to all of you that took the time to give us a review. It's really important to our business.

    Trip Advisor

    Having had the good news the Brexit vote is less than good news. Not that we cannot see some benefit to the UK in leaving the EU but more because it plunges us into an uncertain period where we will not know if we continue to have the rights to operate a business here. Our current rights are given by European Treaty! Our promise to you is that we will do everything in our power to continue to provide the service that we do.

    It's been a funny old year so far.

    April already heading into the dustbin of time; this year seems to be flying by. It has been a strange year. The island has had minimal rainfall and we can see that from the loose and dusty conditions on the trails. That said today we had some heavy downpours leading to flooding in Nicosia with the emergency services receiving dozens of calls. Average temperatures have not been that high but the sun has begun to shine on more frequent basis.

    Cyprus made the headlines for the wrong reasons when the Egyptian hijacker Seif Eldin Mustafa - wearing a fake suicide belt - forced his Egyptair flight to divert to Cyprus. Having arrived here he asked for a letter to be delivered to his ex-wife who happens to live here. He is apparently now claiming asylum here.

    Until recently all male Cypriot's had to do two years national service, that figure has now been cut to 14 months. The plan it seems is to make the army more professional, the first step being the recruitment of 3000 new soldiers for the National Guard.

    Reports suggest that the reunification of Cyprus is becoming more of a possibility with confidence rising, at least amongst the ruling parties. A united island would certainly benefit the economy here but there are many hurdles still to be negotiated. Positive steps though - we live in exiting times.

    Alistair 12th April 2016


    Cyprus is a funny old place at this time of year. Christmas day we swam, basking in sunshine. Today, News Years Day, it's 6 degrees and there is snow on the hills. Tomorrow, who knows?

    Helen and I wish you all a fit and healthy 2016.

    Al Smeaton 01/01/2016

    Troodos Charity Challenge 2015

    Huge congratulations to the Friends of Wheelie Cyprus who have just completed their charity bike ride to the top of the island - Mount Olympus. This is and has been a massive achievement for this group, some of which, 2 or 3 years ago, would not have ridden up their own driveways. Moral of the story is "just do it".

    Alistair 30/10/2015

    Clocks have changed, winter is on the way.

    My favorite time of year in Cyprus - bright sunny but cool days, great visibility and perfect temperatures for walking and biking.

    Cyprus is becoming better known for its biking potential, more and more roadies are using it as a winter training destination and rightly so. We have some fantastic continuous mountain climbs, great for that hill training. Flat is more difficult here although the Polis to Pachyamos coast road s great for time-trial practice.

    Alistair 29/10/2015

    Wow it's hot.

    Summer months are quieter for us because the sweltering summer temperatures are too high for the average tourist to even consider riding or walking. One observation though is that Road Riders are more likely to hire in these months. There seems to be a real eagerness not to drop their training - even for a week.

    Our local riding group has however pretty much kept riding throughout the hottest period tending to head higher into the hills for cooler air and forest shade.

    Since the dark days of the Cyprus financial crisis there has been some positive data in recent weeks showing some evidence of growth in the economy. Certainly tourist numbers are up. The down side of the positive data is that there is now less of an appetite to continue the - often hard and difficult - reforms that have made the way for the recovery. Hopefully the politicians will have the courage to continue the reforms and not revert to the former ways of seeking popularity over function.

    Cyprus really is an incredible place to take a holiday. We have very well run all-inclusive quality hotels and smaller more family run establishments. Quality villas are available all over the island at reasonable prices. Increasingly there are more options for eating out with a growth in bistro style eating houses and a move away from the older offerings of all-day English breakfast and narrow (but enjoyable) Cypriot fare.

    Time for a ride.

    Alistair 24th August 2015

    Someone out there likes us.

    Here is something that we are very proud of - our Tripadvisor "Certificate of Excellence". We are also very grateful to those clients who took the time to give us a rating on Trip Advisor and which ultimately led to the award of this Certificate. Our aim is to provide a quality, friendly and supportive service with personal attention - we are not a mass market business - so that our clients can enjoy to the maximum their holiday in Cyprus.

    Wheelie Cyprus Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence.

    Alistair Smeaton - 2nd June 20015

    It has been a long old winter.

    The Cyprus countryside is currently so green, much more green that previous years, and there are two reasons for that. Firstly it has been a much wetter winter and secondly the farmers are using more nitrogen fertiliser. The rain this year has been more European. Normally we get heavy downpours followed by sunny spells. This winter it has been light rain but more frequent which seems to have soaked into the soil more thoroughly. Great for the wild flowers and grasses but demoralising for the locals. Not that good for the environment either, we have all burned a lot more wood on our open fires and log burners. The second reason the grasses look more green is that there has been a revival of farming. Before the financial crisis a lot of people had neglected their land having banked healthy sums from the sale of development land. Now, money is short and people are looking for extra income from wherever they can. Agriculture is an obvious choice. Sadly current world events have not helped and the restrictions on trade with Russia have severely damaged the export of produce from the island to that country.

    The good news is that despite the difficult times the government is getting its dealings with Europe correct and is sorting out, slowly, the mess that was the financial crisis. We have a long way to go but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    The weather is now changing, it is much warmer, the rain has gone and the sun is out. The countryside is amazing and just waiting for adventurous tourist to walk and cycle over here.

    Alistair 1st May 2015.

    Cool and Sunny - perfect for walking and cycling.

    Why do we love Cyprus? Simple, days like these - today, February lst - cool and sunny. We were riding this morning with a bunch of friends and my GPS was showing 25degrees. The countryside is so green, Romulea and Anemone can be found in the field edges and track verges. What a perfect day!

    I'm always amused by the fuss we make about our bikes, we seem to always need the next model, "you simply must ride a 29er". "No a 650B is essential". So wrong, it is not about the bike it is about you, the trail and the environment. I took out one of our Orange Gringo Mountain bikes this morning because the previous hire had damaged the derailleur dropout. I was test riding it to make sure that the repair worked perfectly for our next client. We've had these bikes for a while now and I have been on the verge of selling them on a number of occasions. The trouble is that they tick all the boxes, the work well, they are suited to the Cyprus trails and they climb like mountain goats. I had a real blast. We are keeping these bikes a bit longer because I know that our clients will love riding them.

    Happy New Year 2015

    Wheelie Cyprus wishes you a Happy New Year with lots of healthy physical activity whether hiking, biking or taking part in some other sport - be fit, be happy.

    A little rain keeps us locals happy.

    Middle of October and we get a taste of rain for the first time in weeks. To us it is a welcome treat, it settles the dust, cleans the air and helps put some structure back into our tracks and trails.

    This has been an interesting year for us; the road bikes have proved a good investment although we did have some issues with the original wheels which had bearings like a pepper grinder and spokes which began to unravel at will. To their credit "Wiggle" helped us sort the problem at speed by supplying us with some Pro Lite Garda wheels. Whilst not light they have proved to be a fantastic wheelset for the Cyprus roads. If you need a solid set of winter training wheels I can highly recommend these.

    The financial crisis continues here and to their credit the government is doing everything it can to insure it complies with the terms of the EU bail out. For the locals this equates to a more expensive lifestyle with taxes rising and new - or revived taxes appearing.

    October 2014

    The roads are just crying out for road racers and hill climber

    Well we've had an excellent Spring for biking in Cyprus but now the Summer has well and truly arrived - 34 degrees in the shade being a regular feature. It is still possible to get out and ride or walk but early mornings or evenings are the best time for this.

    Alcohol - and coffee - are not recommended as both will dehydrate you. I know, you are on holiday and you want to relax and enjoy, but try riding in the mid-day sun and it could end in tears. Take lots of water out on your ride; use a hydration pack where possible, a couple of water bottles on your bike won't be enough.

    Road riding now in the hills is excellent, the roads are quiet and the higher you go the cooler it gets. The roads in Cyprus are surprisingly good especially in the hill where the roads get less wear and tear and some are truly alpine like with twisty challenging sections.

    Go on, get on that bike, you know you want to.

    Alistair Smeaton

    1st July 2014

    Spring is well and truly here but what happened to the winter?

    Cyprus has been awash with colour the last few weeks as the spring flowers abound everywhere. This has been on of the driest winters on record and short of weeks of torrential rain our reservoirs will be dry in no time. Fortunately the government saw fit to invest in desalination plants.

    The financial crisis still threatens the island but our government now has three successful program reviews with our lenders and with Bond yield here dropping there are signs of confidence emerging in the economy.

    Our decision to invest in race bikes seems to have been a correct one. The bikes are proving very popular with the fitter tourists. This area really is good for cyclists wishing to up their fitness; we have some fantastic roads and some stiff climbs.

    Happy biking.

    Alistair 07/04/2014

    February 2014 - Where is the Rain?

    Whilst the UK and much of Europe has been gripped in poor weather, here in Cyprus we are having one of the driest and mildest winters on record. Worryingly so. Many of our reservoirs are in need of replenishment and the water table could do with a top up. That said it has been a fantastic winter for walking and cycling. We now have a growing band of ex-pat locals who ride with us most weekends and it is amazing to watch peoples fitness levels soar once they get into the sport.

    Another bit of excitement this year was a very small earthquake which shook the Paphos area. No damage reported; it was more confusing than frightening.

    Our new Felt Racing bikes have been well received. If you are planning a trip to Cyprus and fancy banging out a few training miles while you are here, have a look at or Race Bike Hire page. Get your booking in early though; we have only a limited stock.

    Our trusty Orange Mountain Bikes continue to be our most popular let. Many cyclists in Cyprus are more recreational, not requiring a higher equipped bike but just wanting something functional and reliable. The Orange fits the bill with its branded components and solid geometry. The ideal bike for exploring rural Cyprus. This year we have upgraded the brakes by the addition of Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes. As a former snobbish hydraulic disc brake user I have been stunned by the performance of these brakes. For the more discerning mountain biker the Trek 6000 remains the bike to hire.

    The financial crisis continues a pace but the effects are hidden here because of the close family ties. The extended family still exists and everyone is helping out. Human nature is very positive sometimes.

    December 2013 Farming, Fires and Road Building.

    It has been a funny old end of year here. On the outside everything seems normal, the financial crisis often seems like just a bad dream. The reality is that the island is not economically in a good place. It is hardest for the under 25's where over 40% unemployment exists; the European average is about 25%. The government however is taking some difficult actions and this has been recognised by the Standard and Poor rating agency which has upped us from CCC to B-. It is not exactly flying but it recognises that, for now, an immediate default is unlikely.

    To the average tourist the only real sign of the financial difficulty will be the number of empty shops. Mostly these are the shops which built up around a booming property market, now a distant memory. One reason that the crisis is not immediately evident is the strong family unit which still exists here, families are helping each other and sticking close. Farming is also on the increase. Fields which lay weed infested during the boom years are now back under cultivation. The air during the last six weeks here was filled with smoke as farmers burnt stubble and unwanted vegetation from their fields. Sadly other individuals seemed to think it was a good idea to set fire to the tinder dry hills, no idea why although one rumour is that it has been the bird hunters clearing over dense vegetation to make shooting easier!

    So far this year the rains have been intermittent with only a few (heavy) showers. Things will change, December through to March is the wetter time here, although even in those months regular sunshine is expected.

    Road building is also evident everywhere with many quite large road improvement projects on the go. It helps keep employment up and improves the islands infrastructure.

    Despite the financial crisis Cyprus is still a great place to visit for riding and walking, the tourist industry here is open and doing quite well.

    Felt F85 Special Edition 2013

    By popular demand Wheelie Cyprus has branched out from it's mountain biking roots and we are pleased to announce that our first road bikes for hire in Cyprus are now on their way to the island. We have just purchased a small number of Felt F85 road bikes. With a compact groupset and Shimano Tiagra 10 speed shifting this is a no nonsense bike that will be capable of dealing with the Cypriot mountains in some comfort. More details to follow. Book now to avoid disappointment, contact us to hire a race bike in Cyprus. 7th October 2013.

    September 2013 - Bigger Wheels.

    The real heat of summer has been and is now going. We tend to hibernate a bit in the summer. It is too hot for most people and we do not therefore run holidays in July and August. That said we've been busy with hires, it seems many people are happy to wake-up early and get a couple of training hours in before the heat builds up.

    The situation on our doorstep - in Syria - has concerned a few tourist. We have been hardly affected by the conflict: a few refugees have found their way here but not in the numbers entering Turkey.

    During the summer I purchased a 29er mountain bike for my own use. I am now a convert. For the sort of riding that I do - wheels firmly planted on the ground and covering distance at speed - it just feels right. I'm hooked in a way that no other mountain bike that I have ridden has grabbed me. Have a look at my brief review of 29er mountain bikes.

    We are in the process of buying some road bikes. It seems that road bikes is what many people now want. A week by the pool with the family and kids is great but sometimes you just need to get out and burn some stress-calories. Watch this space.

    June 2013 - The return to agriculture.

    A noticeable affect of the financial crisis has been the number of agricultural fields - left untended during the good years - now back in meaningful production. Land values reached such crazy levels here that farmers borrowed money against that land and lived off the latent value, assuming they could sell at a later date. Now the land is difficult to sell the owners need to work it to save generate some income.

    Shops continue to close but tourist venues are as busy as ever. The sun shines, the sea is warm and the people are happy to see the tourists.

    Money may be short but Cyprus is a good place to be just now.

    May 2013 - Life goes on.

    The full effect of the Financial Crisis has not yet been truly experienced here. Life goes on pretty much as normal although the number of empty shops increases daily. Tourists will be almost unaware of the crisis. Most tourist establishments will accept payment by Credit or debit card and for cafes, hotels and restaurants it is business as normal.

    The real impact will be felt by residents some months down the line. The employees of the Popular Bank (Laiki) will lose their jobs; 80% is the estimate. The remaining 20% will be taken on by the Bank of Cyprus. Longer term it is likely that the Bank of Cyprus will have to shed staff as it contracts and tries to become more efficient. It has a real battle for survival. The job loses will be significant and this will have consequences for the wider economy.

    The Government here has recognised that tourism offers one area of potential growth for the island and coming months and years will see greater emphasis being given to this sector. As a visitor then things will only get better. Cyprus is a great place to visit for a holiday whether that be a beach style holiday or an active break. Now is an excellent time for walking and cycling here.

    March 2013 - Financial Crisis

    Unless you live under a stone you cannot have failed to notice that Cyprus is in financial meltdown. The streets in our part of the island are quiet although tourist businesses remain open and relatively busy for the time of year. Despite the financial crisis Cyprus is still a good place to visit at this time of year; the sun shines, the countryside is still green, wild flowers abound everywhere, all in all it is OK here. It is more difficult for locals because the banks have been closed for a week and cash is running out. With this in mind you need to consider bringing more cash with you if you are traveling to this Island. Don't rely on being able to get money from an ATM or being able to pay with a card in local businesses. Carrying large sums of money here is not a problem, crimes against the person are rare. Leave it lying around and it may disappear but take the normal precautions and your money will be safe. Come on over the Island needs you!

    February 2013

    Signs of spring are in the air here, some wild flowers have appeared, daylight hours are longer and the sun, when it shines, has some real heat in it.

    If your ride in Cyprus at this time of year expect some rain and bring some rain gear with you. Also bring some sun cream because when it shines the sun is hot. It's a great time to ride here now. The trails have been battered by winter rain and have some challenging cross country sections. The countryside is green and the wild flowers are coming out.

    The economy here is still toast, every time we go into town another shop has closed. The requested bail-out from Europe has not materialized allegedly largely due to objections from Germany who see Cyprus as the centre for money laundering Russian money into Europe.

    New for this year we have purchased some GPS units. These are available for hire at a modest cost. When you hire one of our bikes you can also hire a GPS and get right out and enjoy some wonderful riding, confident that you will not get lost or spend most of your day route finding. See our GPS page for more information.

    November 2012

    The heat of summer is now a distant memory and the cooler sunny days have arrived. Now is a perfect time for biking or walking in Cyprus. Yes you may get some rain but you will also get sun and generally pleasant temperatures.

    Economically here in Cyprus we continue to struggle and our government is currently negotiating a bail-out from the European Monetary Fund. Despite the economic difficulties life continues apace, tourist are still coming and the restaurants continue to serve local dishes

    July News

    The weeks have flown by and I have not updated the news page. Cyprus is now in full swing for beach tourism. The temperature in the late 30's means that it is too hot for most people to get out and take exercise. The beach bars, cold drinks and pool or sea seem more attractive. If you are an early riser this is a fantastic time to ride in Cyprus. Watch the sun coming up over the Trodos mountain range as you navigate the hot and dusty trails.

    Most notable news story here is the request by the Cyprus Government for a financial bail out. It has not made the same headlines as Greece or Ireland, but it is nonetheless significant. Cyprus is a country that was doing quite nicely before joining the Euro and whilst all of it's problems cannot be pinned on the Euro failure it is thought provoking as to where it would be outside the Euro network. On that note our Government had been in serious discussion with Russia on the subject of a loan - rather than the bail out - which again is interesting. Any future wealth for Cyprus will come from our natural gas reserves in the Mediterranean. The Turks have strongly declared that the gas belongs to all Cypriot's, Greeks and Turks, and that they will stand firm for their share of the resource. I cant help thinking a country backed by Russia will have more bargaining power than a feeble and financially weakened Europe!

    Al Smeaton 17th July 2012

    April News - Life returns.

    Well I think I can now say that spring is well and truly with us. The sun is shining, the skies nearly cloudless and the clouds that we have are wispy and minimal. No rain now for three weeks and the temperature rising to about 18 degrees in the shade - nice.

    We've run a couple of trips so far, the last a walking trip with an average age of about 70. Incredible, these guys were up and down the hills like youngsters. Cyprus in the spring is a good place to walk for anyone. If you're of an age where the bones are creaking and every morning starts with a sensation of stiffness then the Cyprus spring climate can be very therapeutic. The wild flowers are incredible. Too late for this year, the best of the flowers have gone but why not think about a warm spring next year?

    Polis and Latchi are beginning to come back to life, there is a quiet buzz about the place as restaurants and summer businesses open up after the winter break.

    Al Smeaton 25th April 2012

    MARCH NEWS - Spring is in the air - maybe

    After one of the wettest winters on record in Cyprus there are signs that we may, and I do say may, have left winter behind us. The temperature is rising; a beautiful 20 degrees today with hours and hours of sunshine. Wild flowers can be seen in abundance and there are definitely more tourists on the island. Our bike hire business is in full swing, holiday makers making the most of the excellent weather to get out and explore.

    Helen and I have been checking out some of the tracks that we have been unable to use because of the wet weather. It has been something of a shock to see the extent of the damage caused by our excessively heavy winter rainstorms. In places tracks are now impassible with gaping gauges where there used to be solid track. In the photo below you can see Helen pondering a rather large chasm where once there was a track! The foresters have months, if not years, ahead of them to repair the damage. There are of course enough trails left for us to play on and we have enjoyed several exploration rides looking for new sections of track.

    Despite the economic gloom Cyprus is still a great place to ride a mountain bike.

    Coming Soon.

    Talking of mountain bikes, our new bikes are on order and due to arrive by June (this year I hope). We have ordered some Trek 6000 hardtail mountain bikes which we think will be exceptionally well suited to the Cyprus trails. These will be 10 speed bikes with hydraulic disc brakes and a cross country attitude. For more information see our Bike Hire Page. The photo below show the model with have on order.

    24th March 2012 Al Smeaton.

    FEBRUARY NEWS - It's still raining.

    The wet weather continued right through February and into March. We have now had record water flows into the islands reservoirs to the extent that all bar one is now overflowing.

    March has at least given us a few sunny days, sufficient for the wild flowers to show their heads. The island is now green and beautiful with a glorious abundance of colour from the wild flowers. This is a fantastic time of year to see Cyprus if you enjoy nature.

    8th March 2012

    Al Smeaton

    JANUARY NEWS - There seems to be a lot of wet stuff in the air.

    January is traditionally one of the wet months in Cyprus. This year looks likely to continue the trend. Whilst total volumes of rainfall are still quite low, Saturday night saw us experiencing serious volumes of water falling from the skies in one storm.

    The coastal town of Latchi, one of our local haunts, with its little harbour and great seaside views was overwhelmed by a wave of mud. The mud was collected by a flash flood from the many small - normally - streams that come down from the hills and feed into the one outlet river going into the sea by the port. Several shops and restaurants were flooded and one food outlet, a caravan, right on the banks of the watercourse, was washed away.

    More locally a track which Helen and I use for training rides and which passes alongside a - normally - tranquil winter stream was severely damaged by the flood.

    In the picture you can see that the concrete ford crossing the stream was stripped away by the flood. The look on Helen's face tells you that she is not sure that we will be riding through this soon. Its about 2 feet deep in the middle there. Even Rocky the dog is curious.

    Further down, part of the track has been partly washed away. All of the gravel road surface has been stripped away to the bedrock. Helen is elegantly trying to point out the remaining gravel on the edge of the track to show the depth that has been taken away, perhaps 15 centimetres. The stream normally runs to the right of the large bolder.

    Despite the rain we will still get out and ride. If you plan to visit the island for some mountain biking, spring is a far better time to ride here. If you are here anyway then why not join us for a splash and a pedal, but not necessarily in that order.

    Happy New Year.

    Al Smeaton 09/01/2012

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