Guided and Self-Guided
Mountain Biking and Walking Holidays
in Cyprus


Mountain Bike Guiding and Day Rides.

In brief

  • Guiding is available only on demand - we do not have an organised schedule.
  • We are unable to offer guiding to children.
  • We will match the ride to the ability of the group BUT
  • You need a reasonable level of fitness and some MTB experience to enjoy the Cyprus trails. It is a bit hilly here!
  • These tours are not really suited to the occasional biker.
  • A bit more detail

    Cyprus offers many opportunities for mountain biking; you can hire basic bikes in most tourist resorts. In addition to the roads there are many tracks and trails on which you can cycle. You may be happy to simply hire a bike and just ride. Although Cyprus is a modern country it still has areas of comparative wilderness; ideal for mountain biking but wild enough in which to get lost. If you want to experience these areas then a guide can be invaluable. We regret that we cannot offer guiding to children. In addition, a reasonable level of fitness is required to really enjoy the Cyprus trails and countryside - we have a lot of hills!

    I was sure this was the way!

    So why use a guide?

    • Not all trails - in fact not many trails - are marked on Cyprus maps.
    • Your guide will know a good selection of varied trails to suit your taste and skills level.
    • You won't waste your day getting lost.
    • You will be taken to breathtakingly beautiful areas that alone, you may not discover.
    • Your guide will carry spares and an emergency medical kit.
    • Your guide will know the best hostels to celebrate a successful ride.

    We organise guided rides on demand. If you are in Cyprus and you fancy joining us on a guided mountain bike ride then please contact us for details. If you have your own bike(s) with you that's fine, otherwise we have mountain bikes available for hire.

    Self-guiding - GPS Hire.

    If you fancy a bit more privacy you may wish to guide yourself. This is not an easy task in Cyprus where good quality detailed maps are hard - if not impossible to find. Now you can simply hire one of our GPS units. The units have a number of pre-programmed rides enabling you to make the most of your riding time in Cyprus. See our GPS page for more information. All you have to do is ride and follow our ride cards or GPS routes.

    You may also be interested in one of our "self-guided" holidays where we provide the routes and organise the accommodation and baggage transfers.